Penzel und Humbert WERNER PENZEL (left), was born 1950 and grew up on the country-side in southern Germany. In the late 60s he played music and wrote poetry before turning to moviemaking in the early 70s. He worked with the Brazilian theatre company Oficina , studied at Munich Film School and traveled through South America, North Africa, India and Japan. After VAGABUNDEN KARAWANE (198O), ADIOS AL ODIO (1986) and other movies he founded Cine Nomad together with Nicolas Humbert in 1987 which resulted among other movies in two works for cinema STEP ACROSS THE BORDER (1990) and MIDDLE OF THE MOMENT (1995), as well as the film triptych THREE WINDOWS (1999). NICOLAS HUMBER (right), born in 1958. Early writings, pictures and Super-8 films influenced by French Surrealism. Co-founded the 'Groupe Macsom'. 1980-82 paintings. 1982-87 studied at School for Film in Munich. Since then has worked as a freelance writer and film director. Founded the film production Cine Nomad together with Werner Penzel. Films include the feature film NEBEL JAGEN (1985), the documentary WOLFSGRUB (1986) and two films in collaboration with Werner Penzel, STEP ACROSS THE BORDER (1990) and MIDDLE OF THE MOMENT (1995). Followed by the experimental film VAGABONDING IMAGES (1998) together with Simone Fürbringer and the film triptych THREE WINDOWS - Hommage à Robert Lax (1999) in collaboration with Werner Penzel. WP: 1969 "hiebfest" (with Hartmut Lerch and Ingo Schütze) 16mm/60Min, 1971 "Nellies Laden" 16mm/30Min, 1972 "Heisse Luft" 35mm/14Min, 1973 "Haiku" 16mm/11Min, 1974 "Tamfez" 35mm/9Min, "Umbanda Magic Theatre" 35mm/10Min, 1975 "Brot & Zirkus" 16mm/60Min, 1976 "Babaji & Dokri Maa" 16mm/20Min, 1979 "Vagabunden Karawane" 16mm/90Min, 1981 "Dein Kopf ist ein schlafendes Auto" (with Fritz Baumann) 16mm/100Min, 1982 "Krampus" 16mm/30Min, 1983 "Piraten der Stille" 16mm/50Min, 1984 "Sterben zu Füssen der Brüder" 16mm/30Min, 1986 "Abschied vom Hass" 16mm/72Min, 1988 "Lani und die Seinen" (with Nicolas Humbert) 16mm/45Min, 1987-1990 "Step across the Border" (with Nicolas Humbert) 35mm/90Min, 1990-1995 "Middle of the Moment" (with Nicolas Humbert) 35mm/80Min, 1997 "Null Sonne.No Point" (with Nicolas Humbert) Video/35Min, 1998 "One last Glimpse" (with Doris Dörrie) Video/60Min, 1999 "Why should I buy a bed when all that I want is sleep" (with Nicolas Humbert) Video/60Min, 1993-1999 "Three Windows" (with Nicolas Humbert) film triptych-videoinstallation/45Min-loop, NH: 1982/83 "Krampus" (Regie:Werner Penzel) 16mm/30Min., 1983/84 Nebel Jagen 16mm/70Min, 1985/86 "Wolfsgrub" 16mm/70Min, 1988/89 "Lani und die Seinen" (with Werner Penzel) 16mm/45Min, 1987-1990 "Step across the Border" (with Werner Penzel) 35mm/90Min, 1990-1995 "Middle of the Moment" (with Werner Penzel) 35mm/80Min, 1997 "Null Sonne. No Point" (with Werner Penzel) Video/35Min, 1996-1998 "Vagabonding Images" (with Simone Fürbringer) 16mm/45Min, 1999 "Why should I buy a bed when all that I want is sleep" (with Werner Penzel) Video/60Min, 1993-1999 "Three Windows"(with Werner Penzel) film triptych-videoinstallation/45Min-loop

2009 wurde im KUNSTRAUM SCHWIFTING der Film "Why Should I Buy A Bed When All That I Want Is Sleep?" gezeigt, den Nicolas Humbert und Werner Penzel 1999 über Robert Lax gedreht haben.